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Welcome to Insight Counseling & Consulting, LLC.   I appreciate you stopping by to see who I am and what my practice offers.   My name is Tremmia Smith, the owner and therapist of Insight Counseling .   I am a licensed professional and national certified counselor.   My career started in the late 1990s which was the start of this humbling and rewarding experience.   I became a licensed professional counselor in 2002 and a few years later a clinical supervisor for other counselors who are seeking their license.   I am also a proud alumni of Mississippi State University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Educational Psychology and Master’s of Science in Community Counseling.   My work experience includes working as a child/adolescent therapist a community mental health agency, counselor at a detention center, independent assessor for nursing home residents, and family therapist at a behavioral health clinic.   I enjoy working with people who are experiencing stress , anxiety, depression, and trauma.  With some understanding and support these issues can be managed better or resolved.  My counseling approach is individualize to meet your needs, but practical.   I often hear people say that they just want to be happy.   This is a common goal that most of us strive to attain in life.   I will help you figure out the root or source that is hindering you from being happy. So my job is to help you Find Your Happy.   If you are ready for a change in your life and think I can help, give me a call today at (601) 568-5032. Mental Health and Well Minds Matter.​​



Tremmia Smith, MS, NCC, LPC-S, ACS, BC-TMH